ThreatSTOP 4.0 – Next Generation Reporting is Here!

Traffic Reporting

The release of ThreatSTOP 4.0 introduces next generation IP Firewall Reporting.

AIRI 2016 — DNS Inventor Dr. Paul Mockapetris Speaking

AIRI 2016 logo

The theme for AIRI 2016 is “disruption.”  In our lifetimes nothing has been more disruptive, or world-changing, than the invention of the Internet.  Initially the Internet allowed computers to comm

DNS Capabilities in Windows Server 2016: DNS Firewall and more

Windows Server 2016 logo (small)

Click here to read Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Dynamics, SDN, & DNS, Kumar Ashutosh’s te

The DNC Attacked by Bears?

Two teddy bears

Following the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) announcement of a breach in June 2016, a report

New ThreatSTOP Research Report on Why Healthcare Data is Under Attack

Healthcare whitepaper

Last year, 1 out of every 3 Americans was the victim of a healthcare data breach.

Release 3.95

ThreatSTOP 3.95 release includes:

  • Reporting improvements


Patchwork Attack – Are You Covered?

Patchwork quilt

Patchwork, so dubbed for its use of copy-and-pasted code from various online sources, is a targeted attack focused on obtaining documents from governments and government-affiliated organizations wi