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A Cyber-War has begun and ThreatSTOP is
your weapon. This one of a kind
cloud-based firewall protection service
builds a barrier blocking all known criminal IP
addresses from communicating to and from
your network.

No matter how the malware mutates or alters its
signature, it still needs to communicate with its
masters in order to do its dirty work. Unlike
traditional anti-virus solutions, ThreatSTOP's IP
reputation system identifies and blocks traffic.
There's no software or hardware to install, and
setup only takes an hour of your time.

ThreatSTOP's technology lives
in the cloud and provides
a list of active bad
IP addresses to your
existing firewalls that is
updated in near real time
via a patent-pending
distribution mechanism.

When the Bot or other malware
attempts to "call home",
ThreatSTOP prevents this from
happening by blocking the
communication to the
criminals' computers.

ThreatSTOP is the only Botnet protection
of its kind, and our customers agree
that in this day and age it's not an
option... it's a necessity.

Here's why:

Within an hour you can be blocking criminal IP
addresses fed from the most comprehensive
list available today.

Absolutely no costly hardware or software required.

Comprehensive web-based reporting enables you
to drill down and identify the offenders.

Total control of what is and what is not blocked.


"ThreatSTOP has eliminated manual backlisting and remediation, and
reduced help desk tickets related to malware by 90%, to only 1-2 per

- Mike Connors, Information Security Analist


"ThreatSTOP has solved a big headache for us. Now we have no service
stoppages, no escalations with the ISP, and no manual cleanups."

- Nicola Nicolic, Contracts and Services Manager


"By automating the process and providing the reports, ThreatSTOP
provides me a peace of mind and saves me time."

- Carol Maffitt, CIO