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Operationalized Threat Intelligence

ThreatSTOP is a cloud-based network security company that offers continuous protection from attacks and prevents data theft by delivering live threat data to the point of enforcement--network devices. It supercharges your existing firewalls, routers, switches and cloud environments with automatic updates of fresh threat intelligence.

Our approach to network security both generates best-in-class threat data, and operationalizes the data with an automated policy engine to continuously distribute it across all network devices.

The ThreatSTOP platform blocks unwanted traffic and attacks by preventing connections, both inbound and outbound, with threat actors. This approach enables ThreatSTOP to neutralize a broad range of threats and malware including ransomware, DDoS, Angler Kits, phishing and botnets.

Powerful Source of Threat Intelligence

ThreatSTOP leverages the company’s comprehensive and authoritative database of IP addresses, domains and the network infrastructure used in cyberattacks to develop best-in-class threat intelligence. Our world-class security team curates the latest threat information from more than 50 public and proprietary sources including trust groups and law enforcement, and dynamically updates your policy as the threat landscape changes.

Threat data collected is cross-correlated between sources to provide a high level of confidence in the threat data curated and ensures a high degree of accuracy to prevent false positives. Our threat data is further enhanced with a feedback loop from customer logs proving our security team with up-to-the-minute access to IOCs for new and emerging threats.

Policy Engine Automates Threat Intelligence

The ThreatSTOP platform acts as a policy engine to let users set polices, then automates enforcement of the policies by automatically delivering up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to firewalls, routers, switches, and cloud environments. Users set the policies via an online portal with a comprehensive range of threat data to select from including by threat type, severity and geographic location. Once the policies defined, the engine begins to automatically enforce the policies and block threats. Real-time reporting speeds remediation by identifying affected machines.

The Power of DNS

ThreatSTOP’s patented technique uses the domain name server (DNS) to propagate threat intelligence onto network devices which allows ThreatSTOP to be used on a wide variety of devices from different vendors in a heterogenous vendor environment. DNS is highly scalable, reliable and device agnostic enabling ThreatSTOP to automatically make threat data operational continuously and in real-time for networks of any size.

World-class Leadership

The ThreatSTOP executive team has more than 120 years’ combined experience in security and network product development and research. The company was started in 2009 by Founder and CEO Tom Byrnes, CEO--a long-standing member of the global cybersecurity community. Early work was based on research work with operationalizing the Internet Storm Center's DShield project. The company’s Chief Scientist, Paul Mockapetris is the inventor of the domain name system (DNS).


ThreatSTOP has assembled a core management team of seasoned veterans with demonstrable successes in the security, Internet and data communications industries. Many of us have worked together in the past, share the entrepreneurial ethos, and are all committed to build this Company into a great success that solves a major problem for our customers.

Tom Bennette

Tom Bennett



Tom Bennett has been an Incubator Venture Capitalist, Board Director, CEO, and entrepreneur with a track record of taking disruptive, venture-backed startups from concept to market leadership. Tom is a nationally recognized domain expert in cybersecurity, big data, and analytics. Tom has previously held high Department of Defense security clearance and has worked with multiple agencies on national cybersecurity defense. He also serves on the board of directors for Dragos and was previously on the board of directors for Cylance. A lifelong skier and surfer, Tom is also Co-Founder of outdoor tools company DMOS Collective and serves as a volunteer ski patroller at Park City Mountain. Bennett holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Tomás Byrnes

Founder and CTO


Tom Byrnes, the founder and CEO of ThreatSTOP, used his more than 25 years of experience to create a market-leading cloud-based network security company. ThreatSTOP delivers a highly scalable defense to deflect inbound attacks, and prevent data theft using existing security devices. More than 500 companies trust ThreatSTOP to protect their networks today.

Byrnes is a long-standing member of the global cybersecurity community. He served in the U.S. Army for 13 years, ultimately joining the seminal tactical networking group. This group was responsible for securing classified military networks deployed in highly insecure environments: the foundation of all subsequent security efforts.

In the private sector Byrnes’ work started with designing and building large-scale global networks, and ultimately providing technical advice and leadership for a number of successful startups including iPivot (acq Intel, 1999), Preventsys (acq McAfee 2006), Breach Security (acq Trustwave 2010), Netsift (acq Cisco 2005), and specifying and evangelizing security products at Radware (NASDAQ:RDWR).

Byrnes holds two patents in network security using DNS, and is credited as the inventor on two additional patent applications. An active member of the IEEE, ISSA and Infragard, Byrnes speaks regularly at conferences on the topic of security.

Ever the adventurer, Byrnes is an off-road racing enthusiast and was part of the JCR/Honda team that won seven Baja 1000 races in a row from 2007 to 2014. When not on the road securing the world or seeking the unknown, Byrnes lives in North San Diego County with his wife, two sons, and their rescue dog.


Nicko Dehaine

VP Engineering


Dehaine has over 18 years of diverse experience in engineering management, software development, internet application development, and computer networking. He has particular expertise in Unix and TCP/IP, web applications, cloud computing, and platform/software as a service (PaaS/SaaS). Before joining ThreatStop, Dehaine was Vice-President of Engineering at Phone.com and Director of Software Development at Bridgepoint Education, and St. Bernard Software/Edgewave. He holds a M.S. in Computer Science from EPITA (Paris, France).


Paul Mockapetris

Chief Scientist


Mockapetris is the inventor of the Domain Name System (DNS). His mission is to help guide DNS and IP addressing to the next stage. Mockapetris created DNS in the 1980s at USC’s Information Sciences Institute, and later was the Director of ISI’s High Performance Computing and Communications Division. Throughout his career, Mockapetris has contributed to the computing research community and the evolution of the Internet. His earliest work at UC Irvine on distributed systems and LAN technology preceded the commercial Ethernet and Token Ring designs. At ISI, after working on the design and initial implementation of the SMTP protocol for email as part of the birth of the Internet in 1983, he took on the challenge of designing DNS, and then operated the original “root servers” for all Internet names.


Steve Wallace

VP of Customer Experience


Steve Wallace is an entrepreneurial technologist with 30 years of hands-on experience in data security, network design, technical operations, and cloud computing.

Prior to joining ThreatSTOP, Wallace was the CTO of AIS Data Centers. He previously held senior technology leadership roles including CTO, ComplexDrive Data Centers, CTO, cari.net, and founder and VP of Engineering, American Digital Network. Wallace served in the U.S. Navy and holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from CSU Long Beach. Wallace is currently an Advisory Board Member for CyberHive - CyberTECH, and a Security SIG Co-Chair for CommNexus.


Irena Damsky

Senior Director, Security Research


Irena Damsky is a security and intelligence researcher and developer based in Israel. As Senior Director, Security Research for ThreatSTOP, she is responsible for establishing and managing a team of researchers and analysts to find, understand and publish information about active threats that is then used to protect ThreatSTOP customers and shared with the InfoSec community at large. Prior to joining ThreatSTOP, Irena was the Threat Intelligence Team Leader for Check Point Software. Irena is a Captain in Reserve with the Israeli Intelligence Forces where she served for more than six years as a security researcher, developer and team leader. She is a frequent speaker at security events such as M3AAWG and Shmoocon and holds a BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and an MSc in Computer Science from The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC). She is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew.


Board of Directors

Tomás Byrnes - Founder and CEO
 Tom has held a variety of engineering, sales and support leadership positions in both private industry and the military, including: US Army Signal Corps, Radware and Datatech. In the mid 1990s, he was CTO of an ISP and e-commerce hosting company ADNC.com. In the early 2000s, he was Senior VP of Technology at Zero Gravity Internet Group, a venture capital fund that provided the initial financing to Oingo, which you know today as Google Adwords/Adsense. Tom has been involved in the Internet and related technologies since he first logged on to ESANET in 1981.

David Ehrlich
 - A successful Silicon Valley executive, having held a wide range of executive roles in technology companies of various stages and sizes, and having served as a Director on a number of technology company Boards. His focus is helping companies work through product-market strategy, business model, and go-to-market challenges, as well as working with executive teams on models of leadership, communication, and culture. Currently, David is the CEO of Aktana Inc., a pioneer in decision-support for field sales teams in the life sciences industry. Prior to Aktana, David worked with Mohr Davidow Ventures as an Executive in Residence. From early 2007 to early 2010, David was the CEO of ParAccel, a leader in analytic database systems. From 2003 through 2006 he worked as NetIQ Corp., where he was the Senior Vice President, Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer.

Tom Bennett 
- A founder and senior executive in seven startup technology companies, Tom Bennett is a seasoned entrepreneur and proven technology executive, with a strong track in developing companies into market leadership positions. Over two decades, Tom has launched several new companies, brought eight pioneering new technology solutions to market, and managed 30+ products through the technology life cycle. He has raised more than $80M in venture capital and been a guiding hand towards successful exits totaling $463M. An acknowledged cybersecurity domain expert, Tom currently holds a high Department of Defense security clearance.

Joel Evanier - Formerly CEO, EVP of Business Development & Strategy at RedSeal Systems. Mr Evanier - A 30 year veteran of Sales, Business Development and Consulting for startups, as well as Sun and Cisco Systems. Early stage Strategic Business Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development, revenue & channels strategy, messaging, and fund raising.

Sean Hafeez - A 20 year veteran of the tech industry, including a number of successful startups. Starting with the first tech boom in the 1990s (Telocity, Shasta) Sean has held a number of key technical leadership roles. He was an early employee at Arista Networks and was responsible for the competitive positioning of the products along with the establishment and success of Arista’s Asia Pacific team. Most recently Sean was Director of Sales for APAC at Big Switch Networks. Currently he is is part of a startup working with industry heavyweights to deliver a disruptive product in the data center infrastructure space.



Winn Schwartau


Winn Schwartau is one of the world's top experts and authors on security, privacy, infowar and cyber-terrorism.

Johannes Ullrich


As Chief Research Officer for the SANS Institute, Johannes is currently responsible for the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) and the GIAC Gold program.

Sean Hafeez


Organizer Of 1's & 0's at a well funded stealth startup.

Marcus Sachs


Senior executive with over 30 years of professional leadership experience in national, homeland, and cyber security.

Brian Nugent


Founding principal and General Partner in Accelerate-IT Ventures (AITV), and Chairman of Accelerate-IT Advisors (AITA).

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