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DNS Defense Cloud

The most complete, protective DNS solution is now even easier to access - completely from the cloud, with no on-premises integration requirements.

Why DNS Defense Cloud? Stop additional threats your existing defenses are missing. It's easy to configure as an upstream resolver. Try ThreatSTOP's new Cloud DNS solution now in open beta!

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Increase Security with Protective DNS

Adding a new security control doesn't have to  be expensive, disruptive, or time-consuming. This one isn't.

Our PDNS solution is affordable, deploys in minutes with no downtime, and adds immediate protection against a broad range of modern cyber threats.

Step 1

Getting started is fast and easy

Join the free, open Beta to try the solution with no strings attached. If you love it, you'll get an outstanding discount when we release it (soon) to the world.

Step 2

Deploying it everywhere is straightforward

Users and devices anywhere on planet Earth can use DNS Defense Cloud through a simple, non-disruptive change that can be easily automated at scale. 

Step 3

Ongoing management takes only minutes

You don't need another part-time job managing more security tools. Customers spend just 7 minutes a week on average to optimize DNS Defense Cloud.

Your DNS Security Powerhouse

Let's stop cyber threats early and make it safe for users to click things.

Protective DNS acts early on threats, before damage is done - and its lightweight, easily deployed and managed.

ThreatSTOP wins on quality, speed, and coverage of service and threat intelligence. 

No other DNS solution comes close.

Key Differences

  • 900+ feeds, built and refined over a decade
    It started with the 4 best feeds available, today your DNS security is backed by 900+ curated feeds for the broadest threat coverage. 
  • Fast, reliable, and fully cloud-based Protective DNS
    Not every organization can deploy and manage DNS security on-prem. DNS Defense Cloud is a touch-free, no-hassle, cloud solution.  
  • Vast integrations for control and visibility 
    Save time, see more, and get more value out of your network and security stack. ThreatSTOP works with everything from SIEM to NGFW.

For over a decade ThreatSTOPs been at the forefront of DNS security. Our Chief Scientist Dr. Paul Mockapetris invented the DNS. This is our domain.

Protective DNS for Businesses and Service Providers

Security focused, affordable, and easy-to-use. This is the cloud-powered PDNS solution you've been looking for.


Are you an MSP or Service Provider?  MSP Solutions

ThreatSTOP reduced our malware help desk tickets by 90%, allowing our team to focus more time and resources on other important tasks.

Dave Wells, IT Manager

Know Threats

Threats can't hide thanks to 900+ threat feeds, and over 25 Million active indicators.

CheckIOC Overview UI

Prevent Attacks

Attackers and their malware can't harm your network or users when threats get proactively blocked.

Policy Management UI-1

See Results

Beautiful, easy-to-use reports are included to show you threats blocked and devices involved.


Try it Yourself

Start using it in 5 minutes, see the security results in less than an hour

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