Roaming Defense

Take your Security on the Road

ThreatSTOP Roaming Defense takes the network DNS Defense Service and delivers it to individual endpoints, providing the same security even when these endpoints are outside the corporate network. 

Roaming Endpoint Defense is a great companion for your on-network DNS Firewall Service and designed for your team members that regularly travel off-site.

ThreatSTOP network Diagram

Prevention, not detection

Unlike other services that only tell you when you’ve been  breached,  ThreatSTOP’s  Roaming  Endpoint  blocks  the  threat  before  it  can  attack. Additionally, other endpoint solutions send your data to their cloud, exposing critical company data to hacking and theft. Because we are essentially putting put a DNS Firewall onto  your roaming device, your DNS traffic stays under your control.

Weaponize Your Threat Intelligence

Like other ThreatSTOP services, the Roaming Endpoint Solution leverages a comprehensive and authoritative database of IP addresses, domains and the infrastructure used for cyberattacks. When selecting a threat intelligence service, it is not the size of the database, but accuracy that is important. ThreatSTOP’s world-class security team curates the latest threat information and cross-correlates threat data against multiple public and private sources to ensure a high degree of accuracy and prevent false positives. Policies you customize are continuously and automatically updated to protect your device against new and emerging threats.

How it Works

  • Desired policies are created with a few clicks in the ThreatSTOP Portal
  • Pre-configured Roaming Defense agents are installed on (or pushed to) Endpoint Devices
  • Protection begins immediately with no user interaction required
  • Incident snapshots are viewable in a mini-app on the device
  • Encrypted and signed log data aggregated in the ThreatSTOP Portal
  • ThreatSTOP Roaming is compatible with Windows and MacOS devices.


Roaming Defense Datasheet


Endpoint Client
Endpoint Client Example


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