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ThreatSTOP MyDNS takes the network DNS Defense Service and delivers it to individual endpoints, providing the same security even when these endpoints are outside the corporate network. MyDNS Roaming Endpoint Defense is a great companion for your on-network DNS Defense and designed for your team members that regularly travel off-site.



Prevention, Not Detection

Unlike other services that only tell you when you’ve been breached, ThreatSTOP’s Roaming Endpoint blocks the threat before it can attack. Additionally, other endpoint solutions send your data to their cloud, exposing critical company data to hacking and theft. Because we are essentially putting a DNS Firewall onto your roaming device, your DNS traffic stays under your control.

Weaponize Your Threat Intelligence

Like other ThreatSTOP services, the Roaming Endpoint Solution leverages a comprehensive and authoritative database of IP addresses, domains, and the infrastructure used for cyberattacks. When selecting a threat intelligence service, it is not the size of the database, but accuracy that is important. ThreatSTOP’s world-class security team curates the latest threat information and cross-correlates threat data against multiple public and private sources to ensure a high degree of accuracy and prevent false positives. Policies you customize are continuously and automatically updated to protect your device against new and emerging threats.

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ThreatSTOP Platform

The ThreatSTOP platform is a SaaS security platform with modular product offerings for Protective DNS (PDNS), firewall automation, and other Threat Intel use cases. It integrates with physical, virtual, and hosted security stack components including firewalls, DNS servers, IDPS, SIEM and more. The platform automates threat intelligence acquisition, curation, and timely application for threat mitigation and visibility. Modules include:

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DNS Defense

Using continuous updates from hundreds of Threat Intelligence sources, DNS Defense stops dangerous and unwanted DNS traffic before damage is done.

IP Defense

IP Defense sends automated policy updates to existing firewalls, routers and switches, and stops inbound attacks at network edges, before  damage is done.


This takes the network DNS Defense Service and delivers it to individual endpoints, providing the same security even when these endpoints are outside the corporate network.

Check IoC Subscription

Check IOC is now available as a standalone subscription. We've made it easy to get your hands on tools that give you invaluable data, backed by one of the largest databases that we've been building for over a decade.


The ThreatSTOP Community Account is our way of saying thank you to the security community for everything they do. A Community Account entitles you to run ThreatSTOP on one IP device (firewall, router, etc.) and one DNS device. Community accounts are limited to pre-built policies that include core protections such as the DShield Blocklist and Emergency Handler Blocks.

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  • IP Defense CE
  • MyDNS CE
  • Check IoC Tool

We have plenty of other systems in place, but ThreatSTOP prevented an ultrasound machine attack and gave us visibility into a large number of DNS queries that were being blocked. It also enabled us to quickly track down the infected ultrasound making the calls. That sold the product.

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