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ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall for Windows Server 2016

Today’s advanced threats increasingly use DNS to communicate with malicious Command & Control infrastructure to encrypt or exfiltrate data, infect other machines, wage botnet attacks, and more. ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall blocks these dangerous and unwanted DNS queries using live threat intelligence data to prevent any communication with malicious infrastructure.

ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall for Windows Server 2016 runs as a cloud service, meaning no new software or hardware is required, and the solution can be installed and start blocking threats in less than an hour.

  1. Create security policies in the ThreatSTOP portal to protect against specific threat types, geographic locations, and user-defined domains or wildcards
  2. Configure your Windows (DNS) Server 2016 to run the ThreatSTOP service
  3. Policies are continuously updated with live threat intelligence data curated from global authoritative sources and ThreatSTOP’s research team
  4. View detailed information about the threats blocked on your network and identify infected client machines using advanced web-based reporting

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