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ThreatSTOP Is For All Sizes & Types of Businesses

ThreatSTOP is a service that delivers threat intelligence to your DNS Servers, firewalls, routers (and more), and automates everything to proactively block threats. ThreatSTOP's pricing is based per user. 

No matter how big or small your budgets are, or how mature or novice your security game is, and regardless how many or few security analysts you employ (or how many lock-pick kits they own), there’s three things any organization must do to get real security value from threat intelligence:

Acquire it, aggregate it, and take action based on it.

ThreatSTOP makes this available at an affordable price for companies of all sizes.


Pricing & Benefits for Small Businesses

Starting at $2,250/Year, 50 - 500 Users

  • As a small business, you have to be pragmatic with limited resources, while being responsible for securing your company network and everything inside it without proper staff and budget. ThreatSTOP enables you to have Enterprise-Level security at an affordable price.
  • ThreatSTOP takes care of the heavy lifting (that's only capable with a massive team) by aggregating, automating and proactively enforcing your threat intelligence, so you can focus your time on putting out fires elsewhere.
  • Your subscription includes invaluable security tools like Passive DNS (Worth over $100K), reporting on what's actually been blocked, threat severity analysis and more. All in one place. Plus, extensive reporting is included with your subscription at no additional cost, a feature that the majority of companies charge extra for.


Pricing & Benefits for Medium to Mid-Market Businesses

Starting at $10K/Year, Greater Than 500 Users

  • You may have a small IT team as a medium to mid-market business, but you certainly don't want (or have time) for anyone to be manually curating threat data. It's a tedious job that takes up a massive amount of your limited resources and can be automated by ThreatSTOP. It's a no-brainer, right?
  • Any company can get value out of threat intelligence, but most small to medium sized companies don't have the budgets, the people, the time and the skills to do it right. You need actual ROI out of it. 
  • Maybe you already have some threat data feeds and think you're protected? Most companies that buy threat feeds don't get a return greater than their investment. Why? You don't buy threat intelligence, you buy threat data. Threat intelligence is achieved by doing the right thing with that data at the right time. However, it's only forensic evidence after a breach if you don't use it to proactively block all these known threats. This is what ThreatSTOP does with threat intelligence, and it's all automated so you don't have to lift a finger. 


Pricing & Benefits for Enterprise Businesses

Starting at $57K/Year

  • You have a large team that needs to analyze and massive amouts of data. ThreatSTOP gives you granularity in the reporting, with all information in one place, our easy to use portal.
  • ThreatSTOP has security tools that larger teams can use and the ability to export STIX & TAXII to a SIEM.
  • New Premium Feed options: Since you're a big company, you probably already have your own threat feeds. ThreatSTOP allows you to add those feeds by creating custom policies, optimizing what you already have with ThreatSTOP's threat intelligence, including more than 850 feeds available to ThreatSTOP customers at no added cost. Our Premium Feed options provide special protection against unique threats and threat types, with integrations between threat intelligence providers like CrowdStrike, Farsight Security and The Media Trust available.


Are you a small organization with less than 50 users? We also offer MSP pricing options for ThreatSTOP, as well. 

If you're interested in learning more about the pricing details for your organization, please send us at email at, or call us at +1-855-958-7867.

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