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Solutions by industry


Community colleges and universities are up against significant security challenges, including open environments and BYOD. Faculty, staff and students from all over the world converge on the same network storing sensitive data, all which must be protected to comply with HIPAA, FERPA and PCI.


Medical records are cyber's new goldmine. Not many industries can say that cybersecurity is a life-and-death issue, except for healthcare institutions. Equipment that we have come to rely on to diagnose critical illnesses and provide life support are now embedded with computers that can’t easily be modified.

Service Providers

Like every hosting company, Armor needs to protect their customers against botnets, phishing, zero-day and other advanced threats. They also need to provide the security that's required for customers with HIPAA, PCI and other compliance requirements.


Before becoming a ThreatSTOP customer, the global equipment manufacturer had every flashy security product implemented in their network - yet they were still constantly being attacked. With all systems showing zero gaps, and no unpatched areas, the manufacturer needed a solution that would prove effective in reality.


For a small company with one location and remote contractors coming in through VPN, Phoenix Energy was reasonably protected, and it had not experienced any major breaches in recent years. But Carol Maffitt, Phoenix Energy’s CIO, wanted an extra layer of protection, for added peace of mind.

Other case studies

“Medical data is a highly valuable target for hackers. In the past 12 months a number of charities and non-profits have been targeted by hackers. Terrorists have also tried to hack medical data and hold it for ransom. We are trying to stay ahead of that.”
“ThreatSTOP’s IP reputation service provides invaluable protection for Cirrus Tech and our customers against threats that other solutions fail to address.”
“ThreatSTOP is the clear leader in IP reputation services, and provides invaluable protection for AISO and our customers against zero-day, APTs, botnets and other advanced threats.”
“hreatSTOP was able to help us rapidly identify and remediate a spam botnet that was putting one of our customer’s business at risk.”
“ThreatSTOP works great. We are attacked every day and it stops them. It gives me the warm and fuzzies that I am protected. It's well worth every penny.”
“I had no idea my network printers are talking to China!”
“A community college found that ThreatSTOP enabled them to detect in-progress targeted attacks more quickly and with few falso positives. This enabled them to reduce the number of resources reached by attack payloads and significantly reduce the business impact of those attacks. Integration with existing security controls and the accuracy of threat intelligence supported an increase in the level of security without requiring increased staffing or investment in additional security products.”