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Check IOC Subscription

More Security Research Tools at Your Fingertips. Plus, It's Actually Affordable.

We've always provided security research tools as part of our services, and we're excited to announce that Check IOC is now available as a standalone subscription. We've made it easy to get your hands on tools that give you invaluable data, backed by one of the largest databases that we've been building for over a decade.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rich Metadata & Passive DNS.
  • Our database of known malicious IPs has grown: 24 million indicators of compromise to keep you safe.
  • Easy to use: Optional API Service available to automatically check for indicators of compromise.

Pricing Details:

  • Check IOC Subscription: $995 for a 1 year subscription, per user.
  • Check IOC Subscription with API Service: $1,500 for a 1 year subscription, per user.

No New Hardware or Software:

  • 100% Cloud-based Security as a service
  • Deploys in under an hour via an online portal
  • Custom, user-defined policies are easy to create and manage
  • Compatible with all major DNS servers including Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure


Check IOC Subscription Datasheet




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If you're interested in our Check IOC Subscription, try us out for free (no credit card required) for 14 days here. You'll be set up in minutes.

Hear Directly From Our Customers

  • "We have plenty of other systems in place, but ThreatSTOP prevented an ultrasound machine attack and gave us visibility into a large number of DNS queries that were being blocked. It also enabled us to quickly track down the infected ultrasound making the calls. That sold the product." - Geisinger Health
  • "ThreatSTOP has eliminated manual blacklisting & remediation, reducing help desk tickets relating to malware by 90%, to only 1 - 2 per month." - University of Baltimore
  • "ThreatSTOP is an effective and easy tool for reducing internet enabled/distributed malware. The price is incredibly fair, even for a non-profit." - Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  • "Implementing this system has decreased the total number of attacks against our customers by about 40%." - Armor
  • "Now we have no service stoppages, no escalations with the ISP, and no manual cleanups. We just look at the reports and respond to any issues very quickly. ThreatSTOP has solved a very big headache for us." - Bibliotheek Rotterdam

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