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Community Edition

The ThreatSTOP Community Account is our way of saying thank you to the security community for everything they do. A Community Account entitles you to run ThreatSTOP on one IP device (firewall, router, etc.) and one DNS device. Community accounts are limited to pre-built policies that include core protections such as the DShield Blocklist and Emergency Handler Blocks.

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To qualify, please be ready to submit device logs either to us, or be a participating member of one of our threat research affiliates. Join the more than 4,000 community accounts that stop threats before they cause damage.

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Implementing this system has decreased the total number of attacks against our customers by about 40%


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We're allergic to security bull$#*!. In a noisy industry with high price tags, we bring a high quality, affordable and actionable threat intelligence platform to the table. Here's a quick (we promise) overview of who we are and how we make it all work.

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