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Welcome to the ThreatSTOP Marketplace, where we host available integrations between premium threat intelligence platforms and providers and ThreatSTOP.

For more than a decade, ThreatSTOP has incorporated the world's best authoritative threat intelligence sources for use on our platform, where that data is automatically delivered to customer firewalls, routers, switches, DNS servers and more to proactively block threats. There are currently more than 900 feeds available to ThreatSTOP customers, and we’ll continue adding valuable new threat intelligence sources and protections to the platform at no added cost for our customers.

Premium Integrations

The Marketplace integrations listed on this page are optional for ThreatSTOP customers, and offer specialized protection against unique threats and threat types, or integrations between ThreatSTOP and other network and security products.

For more information about these Marketplace integrations, please contact your sales representative by email at, or by phone at +1-855-958-7867.

Marketplace Partners


Bambenek Labs provides reliable, relevant threat intelligence feeds that keep you current and protected against attacker infrastructure. builds predictive PreCrime threat intelligence using patented technology so you can prevent threats with high accuracy, instead of being a victim of attacks. 


RiskIQ_OGRiskIQ provides world-class intelligence using vast, internet-scale data sets to provide a comprehensive understanding of the fast-moving threat landscape.



ThreatSTOP has partnered with Farsight Security to provide an automated way to take security action against Newly Observed Domains.


CS_Logo_2022_Stacked_Full-Red_RGBNetwork layer breach prevention: Operationalize threat intelligence to prevent breaches with integrated TI from CrowdStrike Falcon X.


fiveby-logo-transparentThreatSTOP has partnered with FiveBy to create a network enforcement solution for OFAC Sanctioned Entities and their related Subsidiaries.


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