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Quick & Easy

Increase availability and security while lowering  costs and achieving compliance in your AWS web application infrastructure.

Stop malicious connections from bots, scanners, malware and more - quickly and cost effectively with ThreatSTOP's AWS WAF Managed Rules.

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Managed Rules Key Benefits

  • Reduce financial transaction fraud by 50%
    Even if other fraud detection mechanisms might catch it, blocking early at the WAF lowers risk and saves resources.
  • Reduce wasted bandwidth by 25%
    and stops resources from serving up connections to bad actors, especially vulnerability scanners, crawlers, and other resource-sapping bots.
  • Automate business and compliance requirements 
    Prevent & Alert on connections with IP addresses in countries under ITAR or OFAC Sanctions.

How It Works



ThreatSTOP automatically updates rule groups for your AWS WAF using over 900 expertly-curated threat intelligence feeds, now that's smart.

Which AWS WAF Rules Are Right For You?

HTTP Threats

*Pro-rated hourly

  • Automatically block new and emerging inbound HTTP threats
  • Protect exposed services, web apps, and websites from attacks
  • Stop SSH attacks, Brute forcers, Crackers and other advanced threats
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Malicious Bots

*Pro-rated hourly

  • Prevent malicious bots from accessing your web assets
  • Stop unauthorized and harmful crawlers and spiders 
  • Save money and reduce risk by not serving content to unwanted bots
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*Pro-rated hourly

  • Block a broad range of today's worst threats from all over the web
  • Stop active attacks from targeting your services, apps and workloads
  • Built from over 900 curated threat intelligence feeds
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*Pro-rated hourly

  • Automatically block communications with sanctioned countries
  • Effortlessly meet compliance requirements for ITAR & OFAC
  • Stay current with  US State Dept. and US Treasury Dept. restrictions
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Questions about WAF Rules?

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