In news that's certain to make cyber criminals depressed, but security practitioners joyous, ThreatSTOP and Bandura have developed an integration that builds on the proactive, block-threats-early mantra shared by the two security companies.

The integration is available now to joint customers, and more information including the tech-bits can be found right here.

The combined functionality of ThreatSTOP and Bandura solves some challenging security problems, especially for small and midsize enterprises who feel pressure and need to increase security efficacy, while facing tight budgets, shrinking teams, and a  highly dynamic risk environment.

The integration blends the powerful policy management and delivery features of ThreatSTOP with the inline gateway capabilities of Bandura, delivering broad, proactive enforcement and near real-time visibility of the involved host machines, users, and the attacker infrastructure targeting customer networks.

ThreatSTOP customers typically employ the service on existing network and security appliances like the NGFW, routers, IDPS, DNS servers and SIEM they already operate. Thanks to the new integration, joint customers can leverage ThreatSTOP's powerful, threat intelligence-based enforcement policies on a dedicated Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG). The ThreatBlockr appliance from Bandura offers massive policy enforcement capabilities, facilitating tens of millions of IOCs to be enforced and rapidly updated to stay ahead of attackers. For customers with limited ACL capacity in their firewall devices (which includes most small and midsize businesses), or those with a desire to implement ThreatSTOP on dedicated metal, the integration promises a perfect fit.

Customers and Channel Partners interested in learning more about the integrated solution can read the details here or contact ThreatSTOP and Bandura



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