ThreatSTOP is excited to announce a new curated target, TS Curated – File Sharing Services - Domains.

Cloud-based file sharing solutions have become popular and useful both for legitimate companies and for cyber criminals. Oftentimes, threat actors utilize file sharing services to host malicious files and as a destination for data they steal. Meanwhile, many companies depend on these file sharing services to get business done.

Blocking the domains of such locations may mean blocking other harmless files along with it, while whitelisting that location may expose you to some risk. Security practitioners must constantly struggle with choices of security vs. convenience.

We’ve curated a new list of domains including file storage locations for many popular file sharing services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Box, and more in the target “FILESHR”. You can choose to use this new target as a whitelist or as a block list depending on your business needs and security posture, though we emphasize that blocking these domains will stop access to many file sharing services and you should understand the impact to your business and users before doing so.


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