To better support our customers we have made improvements to our servers, doubled our staff, added an office in Europe, and have a new PBX and phone numbers.


In the UK (Europe, Africa and Asia): 44-(0)-1223-970-150

In the US (Americas and Pacific rim, excluding Japan): 1-760-542-1550


We have also made major infrastructure improvements, both in our network and our servers, including changing our primary hosting to a better peered IP address range.

The IP address of our primary DNS servers have changed. They are now and Our DNS Servers - and the other servers such as our database servers - are placed in different physical locations so that we avoid the possibility of a single point of failure for our service.

As part of the GA process we have decided to discontinue our former public lists.
If you are using the public basic lists via the domain, those will be terminating at the end of May 2010. Due to the risks of cache poisoning, as well as providing real-time intelligence to cybercriminals of when they have been "made", we do not believe it wise to propagate data that is used for network security in the public DNS. Accordingly, you will need to change to using the full ThreatSTOP service if you wish to continue to use any of our feeds. The free (as in beer, we do require you to submit your logs) community account will continue to provide the same data that the public basic service has for the past 3 years.