In another illustration of ThreatSTOP's wide-ranging value proposition for different use cases and customers, we have been integrated into a multi-layered DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection service provided by British service provider Simwood.  ThreatSTOP will be Layer B of the service (out of 4 layers)  that drops “dirty traffic” from malware and botnet sites at the IP level, which is a very efficient approach to increase clean traffic for the network.  ThreatSTOP uses only 2-8% of the comparable bandwidth to filter inbound traffic compared with packet inspection products prevalent in the market.

DDoS is a major problem that’s growing exponentially as the cyber criminals’ resources and their rapidly declining cost overwhelm their victims.  The only DDoS defense solutions previously available were either inadequate or overly expensive to service providers and their customers.  This meant that many service providers have gambled—i.e. hoping—on not being attacked.  This is an increasingly risky and untenable strategy for service providers given the prevalence of attacks and the increasing calls by customers and government agencies for greater accountability and compensation for breaches.

“The impetus for developing this solution was that we were deeply concerned at the growing risks, and were simply unable to find an adequate solution that works economically,” said Simon Woodhead, Managing Director of Simwood.  “We identified a number of best-of-breed partners to weave a solution that offers protection at a price point workable for customers of all sizes, and ThreatSTOP clearly is a cost effective front-line defense for us.”

As part of this partnership, Simwood has become ThreatSTOP’s first distributor in the UK for our IP reputation service.