Check out Dr. Paul Mockapetris, inventor of the Domain Name System and ThreatSTOP's Chief Scientist on this Command Line Heroes episode "Season 7, Episode 1: Connecting the Dot-Com" 

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Picture it -The year is 1995. The internet starts going mainstream and the dot-com bubble begins its rapid inflation. But 10 years before all of this, a small team of systems administrators made a seemingly simple decision that would turn out to have a monumental impact on these events and would set the course of the internet for the foreseeable future. 

Our very own Chief Scientist and Internet pioneer, Dr. Paul Mockapetris, was there in the thick of it. Without Paul's revolutionary work on the Domain Name System, none of this (blogs, podcasts, or ThreatSTOP) would be possible - even if the importance of his work didn't dawn on him while he was busy inventing it.

"There's a funny thing that runs through a lot of the internet history, which is people talk about how they could have never done what they did if people had realized how important it was.  ...And people always ask me how I got the fabulous job of designing the DNS. And the answer was that the experts of the time, they thought it was a nice little problem for a recent graduate with a new PhD to work on. But it turned out to be a fundamental building block of the internet that let us get to things like the web."

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