We're excited to announce that we've kicked-off a Beta for our new cloud-based Protective DNS solution: DNS Defense Cloud! The Beta will run through Jan. and is free and open to businesses and service providers that want to try the easiest and most complete cloud-powered DNS security.

At ThreatSTOP we're laser-focused on using DNS for network security to stop threats that your other security products are missing. We believe running your own DNS servers is the most secure approach, and until now, that was the only way to become a ThreatSTOP customer. Our new DNS Defense Cloud changes that, everyone can get DNS security, easily and from the cloud.

We've been beating the drum on using DNS to prevent cyber threats for a while. When we started, DNS security was an unknown. These days DNS security is pretty well-known, with hundreds of vendor solutions, and fancy terminology (like Protective DNS). What hasn't changed? Well, it's still tough to find people to configure and manage DNS servers.

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Today begins Beta for DNS Defense Cloud - our new DNS security solution that was inspired by people who aren't going to deploy, configure, or manage DNS servers (we get it, we see you). We built DNS Defense Cloud for them, to provide a full dose of DNS security, but with about 95% less DNS geek. 

Customers can use the new hosted Protective DNS solution by enrolling in the service and configuring their network or devices to use our secure cloud DNS infrastructure. Boom, no DNS skills needed. The service protects your DNS traffic, and blocks or redirects unsafe or unwanted requests automatically. The new cloud version takes just a couple minutes to setup, and requires no software or servers to deploy or manage.

Simply point your DNS to your private ThreatSTOP DNS Defense Cloud IP address.

ThreatSTOP's popular, existing solution integrates with DNS servers or DDI/IPAM devices operated by customers. "We're excited to give customers a choice of effective, affordable DNS security whether it's deployed on-prem, in a public cloud, or as a managed cloud service hosted by us" says Steve Wallace, VP of Customer Experience. "More options means more protected users and devices".

Enterprise, MSP, and SMB users are invited to join the open Beta that runs until the end of Jan. As a token of our appreciation for participating, those that provide feedback will receive a $250 donation to a charity or charitable cause of their choosing.


Are you a business or MSP and want to get in on the DNS Defense Cloud free Beta? We'd love your participation and feedback!