We're thrilled to announce the general release and immediate availability of our new cloud-native Protective DNS (PDNS) solution. DNS Defense Cloud is an enterprise-grade DNS security solution that's effortless and affordable to deploy for all users, everywhere.

Cutting edge Protective DNS, from the cloud.

DNS Defense Cloud delivers the most complete and advanced security capabilities available in a hosted DNS filtering solution. The broad coverage and robust feature-set are category-leading thanks to ThreatSTOP's pioneering innovation in the DNS security space over the past decade. DNS Defense Cloud deploys in minutes, and sets a high bar of industry-first features and capabilities. The solution requires no new software or hardware, and no knowledge or experience managing DNS, making it a fast and easy deployment for all users and devices, anywhere they are.

Effortless to deploy, zero things to manage.

To get Protective DNS (PDNS) from DNS Defense Cloud, users make a simple configuration change to their device or network to send DNS request traffic to ThreatSTOP's cloud-hosted and secure DNS servers. Filtering of DNS requests and responses is applied to prevent threats based on the user's customizable security policy. Reporting and alerting of blocked threats is included with the solution, and there is no ongoing maintenance or management required.




Feature-packed and astonishingly effective.

While competing DNS security products utilize a small number of external data sources, or narrowly-focused internal threat researchers to identify harmful or unwanted domains, ThreatSTOP leverages nearly 1,000 hand-selected threat intelligence feeds for maximum threat coverage across 22 threat types and 650 curated categories. This vast and highly accurate intelligence system has been honed over more than 12 years, since ThreatSTOP's inception, and tracks more than 25 million known malicious domains and IP addresses with 99.98% accuracy.

Block 35% more threats instantly.

ThreatSTOP's DNS Defense Cloud recently completed a public Beta and users reported blocking up to 35% more threats compared to competing solutions that utilize fewer intelligence sources, or rely solely on artificial intelligence to determine what to block or allow.

Additionally, DNS Defense Cloud is capable of integrating with an organizations' network and security stack, ranging from NGFW to SIEM, to increase security control and visibility through a single pane of glass.



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