Just before the Christmas/New Year holidays, ThreatSTOP rolled out support for two new firewall types: the open source pfSense firewall and Cisco's IOS firewall running on its ISR platform.

Our ISR support is very similar to our support of Cisco's ASA and PIX platforms in that it requires an external management device to download and apply the lists and also to upload logs to us. It also requires a certain specific version of IOS - 12.4(22)T5 - as earlier versions did not correctly implement a required feature. It should be possible to obtain this version of IOS by contacting Cisco support (reference this url: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/products_security_advisory09186a0080af8119.shtml). ThreatSTOP has not tested other versions of IOS apart from 12.4(22)T5.

By adding support of IOS firewall to ThreatSTOP, we have brought IP reputation support to one of Cisco's largest selling firewall products for the first time. This means that thousands of organizations, large and small, can now benefit from our unrivalled protection from botnets, trojans and other malware.

Our pfSense support integrates tightly with the pfSense webConfigurator GUI, providing a new page under the Firewall section of the menu. Installation requires no more than a simple paste of text into an SSH session to start and all subsequent enabling/disabling of the feature is performed using the new page. pfSense support is limited to the current 2.x version of pfSense but supports all varieties of pfSense deployment from VM to hard-disk to flash.