By now you have probably heard there is a chance that you could wake up Monday, unable to log on to the Internet, thus bringing the day’s productivity to a screeching halt and causing an endless ringing of that old technology we call the phone. LinkedIN (1)

The culprit? A little pest of malware called the DNS Changer. With the LA Times, WIRED, and PC World all offering up their own theories of the magnitude of this worldwide threat, only time will tell. If you haven’t heard of this piece of malware until this post, you should probably read some of those links and educate yourself. More importantly, if you are a network or security administrator, we’ve created a tool that will quickly and easily ensure you’ve pinpointed infected computers on your network and eliminated any chance of this pest making your Monday any worse.

The beauty of our ThreatSTOP DNS Changer Checker is that we detect any infected machines on your network entirely through the analysis of your firewall logs. We know what an impossible task it would be to try to have all the users on your network individually visit DNS Checker sites. That being said, the firewall is the only place on your network that sees all traffic in/out of your network, so we’re able to ensure the security of your network at the main point of entry and exit.

Do yourself and your network users a huge favor, head on over to the ThreatSTOP DNS Changer Checker and follow the instructions there. That way you can minimize downtime and maximize peace of mind knowing your users won't be some of the tens of thousands stranded come Monday.