According to Gartner, over 95% of companies harbor advanced malware on their networks.
Ask Yourself This Question:

How would you feel if you knew for certain that people, governments, or organizations are digging around in your network as we speak?
If you have a sneaking suspicion, it's time to take action.
Over the course of ThreatSTOP's history of detecting and stopping malicious network activity, almost every network ThreatSTOP has been installed on has had current threats we have detected and stopped. Let us show you how, by taking the ThreatSTOP Challenge.

Here's How The Challenge Works:
1. Sign up for a FREE trial here!
2. Install ThreatSTOP on your network (15 mins or less)
3. If ThreatSTOP does not detect any known malicious threats within a month, we'll give you a $100 Amazon gift card.