ThreatSTOP, Inc., a SaaS leader in proactive network defense built on a predictive learning platform, today announced that on February 13th, the company will be hosting the second installment of its four part webinar series entitled: “The Art of Cyber Security: Sun Tzu's lessons for preemptive cyber security in 2013: know yourself, know your ground, know your enemy.” ThreatSTOP’s “The Art of Cyber Security Series” gives participants the tools to develop a sound preemptive response to meet the ever-growing cyber security threats. This four-part online seminar series highlights the evolution of cyber crime over the past year, the three key cyber security threats for 2013, and the framework for developing a proactive plan to mitigate these threats.

This second installment, Part 2: Know your Enemy: Cyber Diversion, will be available live via webinar at their referenced start times, taking place February 12th, 2013. Please visit the following link to view the webinars: click here.

"In Part 2 of the series we will analyze cyber diversion tactics that are used to mask larger and more coordinated attacks on your sensitive data." - Tom Byrnes

About ThreatSTOP 
ThreatSTOP is a real-time IP Reputation Service that automatically delivers a block list against criminal malware (botnets, Trojans, worms etc.) directly to a user's firewalls, so they can enforce it. It is a cloud-based service that protects the user's network against the most serious information security problem today—malware designed to steal valuable data perpetrated by organized criminals. ThreatSTOP enables existing hardware and network infrastructure like Juniper JunOS MX/SRX systems to enforce user defined malware blocking policy without requiring the expense, complexity and time of a forklift upgrade of new equipment. It can be deployed within the hour with simple rule-settings or a script on the user's firewall.  Founded in 2009, ThreatSTOP is headquartered in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit or connect with ThreatSTOP on Twitter and Facebook.

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