Our founder and CEO, Tom Byrnes, will lead a panel at the RSA Conference 2016 entitled "Malware as a Service: Kill the Supply Chain" on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, from 10:20 am to 11:10 am. Click here to add to your calendar.

Panelists will begin with a discussion on the current state of criminal activity--how attackers are becoming more sophisticated and using the same logistics used by mainstream business to be successful. For example, how the cloud is paving the way to cheaper, faster, broader scale attacks that can be stood up, launched and torn down within hours, undetected. The discussion will move on to an analysis of attack vectors, why security strategies are failing, and how to disrupt the cycle of escalating attacks: hit them where it hurts, in the logistics.

This panel of security luminaries includes Lance James, Chief Scientist of Flashpoint Intelligence, former head of cyber intelligence for Deloitte and internationally renowned information security specialist; Marcus Sachs, CSO of the NERC, and former VP for National Security Policy for Verizon; and Johannes Ullrich, Dean of Research for the SANS Technology Institute, responsible for the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC). Moderator Tom Byrnes is a noted member of the international security community. He began his career with a 13-year stint in the US Army deploying cybersecurity systems, and later served as senior leadership for three successful security startups.

Attendees will have a seat at the table with security industry experts as they discuss the most critical security issues facing organizations today, and how to take down the malware business.