BlackEnergy snip

Attacks on critical infrastructure are a top concern for government officials and the private sector alike. The ramifications of losing power can be life threatening and have a negative impact on operations of businesses and public services.

Just before Christmas 2015, BlackEnergy was used to knock out power for approximately 80,000 people in Ukraine, bringing greater focus on the potential for this type of attack around the world.

During RSA 2016, the New York Times reported that "After an extensive inquiry, American investigators concluded that the attack in Ukraine on Dec. 23 may well have been the first power blackout triggered by a cyberattack — a circumstance many have long predicted."

ThreatSTOP has published an in depth report on BlackEnergy chronicling its history, infection vectors and use cases. The report was published by ThreatSTOP's Israeli-based security team, headed by Irena Damsky, and authored by Ofir Ashman.

Click here to access the report.