Apple’s Private Relay is making waves by boosting user privacy, but it's also sparking a conversation in security circles. This feature encrypts web browsing to enhance privacy, a win for users but a challenge for security teams needing visibility into network traffic to keep threats at bay. Here’s a closer look at how Private Relay works, its default settings, and how our solutions at ThreatSTOP provide the best of both worlds: strong security without compromising privacy.

Decoding Apple’s Private Relay

Private Relay is Apple’s way of putting user privacy at the forefront. By encrypting internet traffic and routing it through two separate servers, it ensures that no single party can track both who you are and what you’re doing online. However, it's not automatically turned on; users have the choice to enable it for their peace of mind.

The Dilemma for Security Teams

For security professionals, visibility is key. They rely on the ability to monitor network traffic to detect and respond to threats promptly. Private Relay’s encryption can obscure this visibility, posing challenges in identifying and mitigating potential security risks.

ThreatSTOP’s Approach: Security Meets Privacy

At ThreatSTOP, we believe in empowering organizations to protect their networks while respecting user privacy. Our range of products—DNS Defense Cloud, and DNS Defense—are designed to provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs.

- DNS Defense Cloud: This solution leverages our cloud-based DNS servers to filter and scrutinize DNS requests. During the initial connection an Apple device makes to the network, a query is made for several DNS entries to check if private relay is allowed on the network.  We enable you to block this initial query on your corporate network, forcing traffic to not traverse the Private Relay network.  The Target customers can enable is: Apple Private Relay FQDNs - Domains

- DNS Defense: Our intelligence, your device. Similar to our cloud based DNS Defense Cloud service, you can run ThreatSTOP security team's intelligence on your DNS servers, managed from our security cloud.  Same as above, Apple Private Relay FQDNs - Domains is the target you want to enable.

Wrapping Up: Secure, Private, and Connected

At ThreatSTOP, we’re about making sure your network is a fortress—impervious to threats but not at the expense of privacy. Our solutions are designed to tackle the complexities introduced by technologies like Apple’s Private Relay, ensuring your organization stays protected and compliant.

Balancing security and privacy is what we do best. With ThreatSTOP, you’re not just protecting your network; you’re ensuring a privacy-conscious environment for everyone. 

For those interested in joining the ThreatSTOP family, or to learn more about our proactive protections for all environments, we invite you to visit our product page. Discover how our solutions can make a significant difference in your digital security landscape.  We have pricing for all sizes of customers! Get started with a Demo today!

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