Received a notice from Infoblox lately?

If you’re a DNS Legacy Firewall customer, you’ve probably gotten a warning to migrate to ActiveTrust by end of January….. or else. However, that’s not the case. The Threat Intelligence/RPZ Feed you’ve been utilizing with Infoblox is a ThreatSTOP powered service and it’s still operational. We’ve also been developing and improving our product, now offering our new, Next Generation DNS Firewall Service to active subscribers without any added charges.   

Long story short: You don’t have to migrate to ActiveTrust. You have a choice and the full scope of information is at your fingertips. If decide to keep ThreatSTOP, we’ll give you an upgraded version that includes:

  • Full customization from over 40 data sources.
  • User defined power lists.
  • Research tools with graphical reporting and alerting.

Sounds nice, but why trust ThreatSTOP?

For starters, you already do. Plus:

  • There’s no price increase to go with ThreatSTOP’s upgraded DNS Firewall Service, with a likely increase for ActiveTrust’s Advanced version.
  • ThreatSTOP offers 50+ security categories, compared to ActiveTrust’s 4.
  • You have unlimited access to ThreatSTOP’s research tools (Check IOC), compared to ActiveTrust’s query limit of (Dossier):
    • Standard Version: 0
    • Plus Version: 32K
    • Advanced Version: 65K

The absolute, only change is purchasing the RPZ Feed subscription through ThreatSTOP instead of Infoblox. We’ll continue to honor your existing subscription date.

Contact us for a 20% discount on your current pricing here. Don’t pay more for a downgraded service, when keeping the ThreatSTOP service you already use is this easy.