In the coming days, CrowdStrike will formally end-of-life their DNS service that many customers are using. This service takes Crowdstrike intelligence and puts it into a CrowdStrike-managed DNS resolver to protect against advanced threats that they are tracking. When this service is retired, you will no longer have protection at that layer. As an important note, there are many classes of devices that endpoint protection do not work on (medical devices, IoT, etc) but by using DNS, you can still provide a strong layer of protection.

ThreatSTOP has been partners with CrowdStrike and integrate their intelligence into our service for organizations that have purchased CrowdStrike’s services. This means ThreatSTOP can power your DNS resolvers and traditional firewalls with our own intelligence and CrowdStrike’s advanced threat intelligence to super-power these devices to block against state-sponsored activity and other threats.


If you’re interested in how you can use Crowdstrike’s data to protect your organization at the network-level, learn more below.

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