Our Security team, working diligently to keep your data safe, has added more Exploit Kit (EK) sources to our Driveby Domains target. We are happy to announce the addition of domains from the BlackHole Exploit Kit.


BlackHole is a very popular and customizable kit designed to exploit a range of client vulnerabilities via the Web. Hackers license the kit (or rent an already exploited site) to cyber criminals. In turn, cyber criminals compromise web pages and embed an invisible iframe. When potential victims visit a compromised Web page they are redirected to the hosted exploit. If the victim has one of the targeted client vulnerabilities, their device is infected.

BlackHole domains are blocked by all of the Driveby Domains targets and are also available as a single expert target. These targets are available to all of ThreatSTOP's DNS Firewall customers – if you do not have a DNS Firewall, it’s time to upgrade. Contact us at 1-855-958-7867 or success@threatstop.com