The threat landscape is ever changing, in Q1 of 2017 alone, mobile ransomware attacks increased 250%. Mobile devices are an inseparable part of our life, making these valuable and vulnerable targets. As with any technology we use, ThreatSTOP is creating new ways to defend our customers.

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While the increase in threats wasn’t quite as heavy in Q2 of 2017, Kaspersky Lab still issued a report on the state of mobile security and IT threat evolution for Q2 2017. In which it notes that attackers are increasingly targeting mobile devices, specifically those running Android.

To defend against mobile threats, ThreatSTOP’s research team is happy to announce the creation of two new targets:

  • TS OriginatedMobile Threats - (IPs / Domains) – These are ThreatSTOP’s internally created targets with data manually researched and validated by the ThreatSTOP research team. These lists are only available in Expert mode for ThreatSTOP users.
  • TS CuratedMobile Threats - (IPs / Domains) – These are curated targets containing multiple sources of mobile malware compiled from ThreatSTOP’s own lists (thus including the “TS Originated – Mobile Threats” list mentioned above), as well as those gathered from the security industry. These targets are available in both Expert and Standard ThreatSTOP modes.

While these targets do not offer protection when a mobile device is outside of your secured network, they will secure mobile devices that are tied into – and using – a company’s Wi-Fi network, provided that ThreatSTOP is enabled. This will allow you to detect compromised devices and begin the task of securing them from further damage to your company.

Enabling Mobile Threats targets in policies for ThreatSTOP DNS and IP Defense Services protect against threats to mobile devices connected to your secured network. If you do not have a ThreatSTOP account, Sign up for a free trial.

If you do have a ThreatSTOP account, instructions to add targets to a DNS or IP Firewall policies are available on the ThreatSTOP Documentation Hub. Or contact our Support team.