Over the past several months, we at ThreatSTOP have undertaken a comprehensive reevaluation of our policies, bundles, and targets. Our mission is to make our protection more user-friendly and customer-centric, aligning our services with your specific needs and challenges.

A New Approach to Protection

Traditionally, our bundles have been structured around the endpoints you're trying to protect, such as servers, workstations, and mobile devices. However, we recognize that cyber threats do not conform to these categories. Therefore, we have begun restructuring our protections to focus on the threats themselves, making it easier for you to safeguard your network against specific types of attacks.

This transformation started with a thorough review of all our feeds and targets, both third-party and proprietary. We are now organizing them based on the threats you aim to block. For example:

  • Social Media Applications: Protect your network from unwanted access to social media platforms.
  • Command and Control from Malware: Block communications from malware that may have infiltrated your network.
  • Scanners: Prevent inbound and outbound communication to malicious scanners.

The Challenge and Progress

Restructuring the thousands of feeds we offer is no small feat. Our dedicated ThreatSTOP Security, Intelligence, and Research team has been diligently working on this project for the past five months, and we are progressively rolling it out. We anticipate completing this restructuring by fall and will assist our customers in transitioning from the old structure to the new one during your service reviews, (of course nothing prevents you from doing this yourself either!)

New Bundles for Enhanced Protection

As part of this initiative, we are introducing new bundles that you may have already noticed in the portal. These include:

  • Third-Party VPNs
  • Anonymizers
  • Social Media
  • Corporate Governance

These bundles are designed to simplify policy management and accelerate the deployment of protections for your network. They require minimal customer interaction during creation, ensuring a seamless experience from purchase through installation to maintenance and updates.

Keeping You Informed

We are committed to keeping you updated every step of the way as we continue this rollout. Our goal is to provide you with a straightforward, efficient, and effective protection experience. By focusing on the specific threats you face, we aim to make your digital environment safer and easier to manage.  If you have questions about this restructuring, please feel free to drop us a note via our support contacts.


For those interested in joining the ThreatSTOP family, or to learn more about our proactive protections for all environments, we invite you to visit our product page. Discover how our solutions can make a significant difference in your digital security landscape. We have pricing for all sizes of customers! Get started with a Demo today!

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