Most malware is often delivered from otherwise legitimate sites. Sometimes this occurs via compromising existing websites, but more often than not, it is by using existing advertising networks as a means to ultimately deliver malware. Quite simply, the attacker buys impressions via existing channels and uses a variety of malvertising tricks to either directly compromise the web browser, or at the least trick the user to installing the malware. This specialized form of malware delivery requires a specialized collection methodology to detect such attacks.

The Media Trust has partnered with ThreatSTOP to deliver specialized intelligence and make it operational in your existing ThreatSTOP policies.

They monitor websites and advertising from vantage points all over the world to find attacks in near-time and deliver that intelligence to their users. In ThreatSTOP, that comes in the form of automatically updating your DNS servers or IP firewalls to block those attacks so the malware never reaches your network.

Ultimately, these attacks rely on DNS requests and typical IP networking to reach their victims. By utilizing a large variety of user profiles, browsers, and OS fingerprints, they are able to even collect attack data on micro-targeted malvertising campaigns and deliver that intelligence into your existing ThreatSTOP subscription.


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