Predictive threat intelligence, a cutting-edge form of cyber security threat intelligence, strives to anticipate forthcoming cyber threats and attacks. Through the utilization of data analysis, advanced machine learning algorithms, and other sophisticated methodologies, it discerns intricate patterns and anomalies within data, offering vital insights into the imminent possibility of a cyber assault. ThreatSTOP has teamed up with to provide actionable protection utilizing predictive threat intelligence. 

The Future of TI

Predictive threat intelligence empowers organizations with advanced insights into potential cyber threats, enabling them to proactively safeguard against damaging attacks. By harnessing diverse data sources like network traffic and social media, advanced methods are employed to identify specific threats, track malicious actors, and anticipate their next moves.

This innovative approach surpasses traditional methods by providing proactive insights into potential threats and attacks before they materialize. Through the detection of patterns, anomalies, and behavioral indicators within diverse data sources, predictive threat intelligence equips organizations with early warning capabilities, enabling them to take preemptive measures.

By acting as an anticipatory shield, predictive threat intelligence offers an essential layer of protection. It empowers organizations to stay ahead of adversaries, identifying emerging threats, tracking their movements, and predicting their next steps. This foresight allows for the implementation of stronger security measures, the enhancement of incident response plans, and the optimization of defenses, ensuring that potential attacks are either prevented or mitigated effectively.


Meet PreCrime revolutionizes the cybersecurity landscape with its predictive threat intelligence data, enabling organizations to anticipate emerging attack techniques. By seamlessly integrating's operational threat intelligence feeds into a ThreatSTOP policy, businesses can fortify their security infrastructure with cutting-edge predictive technology.

This automated solution offers extensive coverage, analyzing thousands of new malicious indicators daily, with an impressively low 0.05% false positive rate. It ensures comprehensive protection against attacks from any source, and eliminates the need to chase false alerts.


ThreatSTOP Premium Predictive TI Feeds

ThreatSTOP users can now protect their network from a broader range of malicious domains with the predictive threat intelligence feeds. Automate your security response against forecasted threats, choosing to block, redirect, or allow (but log) potentially harmful DNS requests. This proactive approach can provide you with hours, days, or even weeks of protection ahead of an attack.

With free standard targets from, you can enjoy instant preemptive protection at no extra cost, receiving some of the exclusive threat intelligence data. For even better predictive value, premium targets offer the full data set offering, earlier forecasting on malicious domains - up to 20 weeks in advance. Both standard and premium feeds come with two confidence levels (high and medium) to match the source confidence and estimated false positive risk, and to allow users to choose their preferred posture.


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