We are thrilled to announce our AWS WAF Ready Launch Partnership, which allows customers to easily maintain application layer security with ThreatSTOP, protecting them from malware, botnets, inbound attacks and even compliance risks. 

ThreatSTOP's Manages Rules include: 

  • OFAC and ITAR for AWS WAF: Simplify compliance and security challenges by blocking inbound IP connections from OFAC and ITAR sanctioned countries. These managed rules update based on changes from the US State Department International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and the US Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control.

  • CoreThreats for AWS WAF: CoreThreats blocks a range of the most dangerous attacks with high accuracy. These WAF rules are built by aggregating and analyzing various quality threat intelligence feeds, applying human and machine intelligence, and rapidly updating the managed rules to block threats and attacker infrastructure.

  • New and Active Malicious Bots for AWS WAF: Identify and block attacker infrastructure that hosts and controls malicious bots like Crawlers and Spiders that target your exposed services. These rules are dynamically updated using leading intelligence sources that have been curated by ThreatSTOP Security.

  • New and Active HTTP Threats for AWS WAF: Protect exposed services from a range of threats including SSH attacks, Brute Forcers, Crackers, Shellshock, Apache Server Attacks, and more. Multiple HTTP threat intelligence feeds are aggregated and analyzed for continuously updated protection.

ThreatSTOP’s AWS WAF Managed Rules protect against harmful connections, preventing financial fraud, conserving resources by blocking automated bots and scanners, and saving potential costs associated with security breaches. Our OFAC and ITAR rules block communications with sanctioned countries, lowering compliance risk, providing proof of intent for compliance, and help save a significant amount of time and effort that is typically invested in compliance. 

Case Studies: Deloitte and NetApp  

A major regional hospital partnered with Deloitte to export necessary OFAC access control lists into their AWS WAF for US Department of the Treasury OFAC compliance. Deloitte used ThreatSTOP’s ITAR and OFAC Managed Rules from the AWS Marketplace to set up the system quickly, test it for a few days, and switch to blocking mode to protect their infrastructure and ensure compliance. This allowed Deloitte to address a high-priority business need without investing in non-core operations.

NetApp faced regulatory compliance challenges while operating in restricted areas but found a solution in ThreatSTOP Managed Rules for ITAR and OFAC in the AWS Marketplace. They were able to refine the pre-defined OFAC sanctions list in ThreatSTOP's AWS solution to meet their business objectives, allowing them to manage applications and data across hybrid multi-cloud environments while complying with regulations. NetApp gained peace of mind in regard to compliance risk, which enabled them to utilize more resources for their core operations instead.

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