Threat Intelligence Platform Company powers free service to protect against malicious internet sites.


CARLSBAD, CA: November 16th, 2017: More than ever before, attacks aren’t only targeting governments and large organizations, they’re also targeting home users. At ThreatSTOP’s core is the belief that the internet should be safe to use (without any burdensome expense) for everyone, not just large organizations with deep pockets for cyber protection.

Every connection with the Internet starts with a DNS query. Just as you rely on DNS to make connections to mission critical applications, websites, resources on your network and the world wide web, malware needs DNS to communicate back to their command and control servers, delivering ransomware and stealing both data and computing resources. (Essentially, turning your device into a zombie) To combat these attacks, protecting your devices is more critical than ever.

Launched today, Quad9 is a free service powered by a consortium that includes ThreatSTOP, protecting users from malicious internet sites. By continuously and proactively updating addresses and domains used by threat actors, Quad9 intercepts dangerous traffic heading out of your machine, so that traffic can be blocked. In the future, there may be an option to have it redirected to safe locations like a walled-garden.

“Everyone deserves a free and safe Internet, one that protects them regardless of who they are,” said Tom Byrnes, CEO and Founder of ThreatSTOP. “This is why ThreatSTOP is partnering with the Global Cyber Alliance and the Quad9 project, delivering threat intelligence to the Quad9 DNS Firewall and internet users everywhere.”

Quad9 users reconfigure a setting on their devices to use as their DNS server. It’s free to use, and with a simple configuration change, can be setup on most devices in minutes.

To learn more about the Quad9 project and the global cyber alliance, visit GCA here.

To try a free 14-day trial of ThreatSTOP's DNS Defense, get set up quickly here.


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ThreatSTOP is the only SaaS platform that weaponizes threat intelligence by transforming forensic data into enforcement policies, and automatically updating firewalls, routers, DNS servers and endpoints to stop attacks before they become breaches. Founded in 2009, ThreatSTOP has weaponized threat intel for over 800 customers in financial services, healthcare, energy manufacturing, education and insurance. For more information, visit ThreatSTOP at