Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly harmful and more difficult to distinguish from legitimate correspondence. Being vigilant in security is no longer sufficient. Watch this video as Paul talks a little more about the Russia-Ukraine Conflict and how ThreatSTOP is staying one step ahead.


The Russia-Ukraine Conflict is one that is keeping the media busy. With constant cyber threats and attacks, it’s important to stay vigilant. Watch this video below as Paul talks about ThreatSTOP’s mission.

Hackers are becoming more savvy and sophisticated in tricking people into clicking on links or being scammed into sending money. In this video, we go over a few do’s and don’t’s to help protect your organization and information from hackers.

Let ThreatSTOP help stop the threats and ensure your organization is protected. With a variety of software and programs, we’ll find the right one just for you. Get in touch with us today and get protected.

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Video Transcript


0:00 Intro
0:05 ThreatSTOP’s Response
0:11 ThreatSTOP’s Mission

0:05 ThreatSTOP’s Mission
So let's talk a little bit about what ThreatSTOP thinks you should be doing.

0:11 ThreatSTOP’s Mission
First of all, our mission is to deliver timely threat intelligence to all parts of an organization without forcing you to change the organization unless you feel the need. So the core competencies here are we build up a library of threat intelligence that tells you who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, both in terms of IP and addresses and domain names in the DNS, and the servers that the bad guys use and so forth.

We have that library, we have a website that you can use to decide what parts of that threat intelligence you'd like to download into your infrastructure. We have tools for distributing threat intelligence to any vendor, or device anywhere. We don't care whether or not what brand of router you have. We don't care what brand of firewall you have. We've got you covered.

So particularly for organizations that have grown by acquisition where they have one set of resources for the acquired company and another acquirer has, we can handle both with the same interface. You just tell us what you have and we make sure that you don't try and stuff a million rules into a firewall that can only handle 500,000.

But using our tools, you just set it up so that that distribution is on and it's current and it's continuous. One of the things is that distributing this threat intelligence will typically show up some gaps or some infected machines in your organization.

So we analyze the results of the blocking that we do and we tell you if we block traffic for command and control that were bad guys that have infected your infrastructure. We tell you that that's happened and we tell you if it looks like somebody is trying to do a bunch of exfiltration or whatever, what are the bad guys doing. All this is done with end-to-end automation. 

Basically, you set it up once on our website and unless you change your equipment or change your network geometry or whatever, it just continues to run constantly, continually downloading the right threat intelligence and distributing it into your infrastructure.