The majority of us will at some point in our lives be faced with the sinking feelings that come with medical procedures of all kinds. Whether it's a simple broken bone or something more serious, at some point we'll all need a little work under the hood. While the 10 o'clock news intimidates you into staying up to hear about the most recent study they've done on the cleanliness of your local E.R. as it turns out, germs and viruses extend beyond the hospital bed. In a recent meeting with government officials, it turns out that more and more medical devices in hospitals are becoming riddled with computer viruses.

What does this mean for you? Well, with more and more healthcare relying on the latest and greatest technical advances, it could mean quite a lot.

"These infections can clog patient-monitoring equipment and other software systems, at times rendering the devices temporarily inoperable." How does that sound the next time you're hooked up to one?

There isn't information most folks would like to keep more private than their health records and with the continual migration of healthcare records to digital, HIPAA compliance becomes a legitimate concern, let alone the obvious consequences of life reliant equipment becoming compromised by malware.