ThreatSTOP's own Leon Glover was quoted in an article on (also ran on Network World) about securing fringe devices.

The article's author John Brandon answers the question, "what is a fringe device" and offers advice from five experts on how best to secure those devices.

"As with any security concern, many of these devices are overlooked. There might be security policies and software used to track and monitor iPads and Dell laptops, but what about the old HP printer used at the receptionist’s desk? In a hospital, it might be a patient monitoring device. In a more technical shop, it could be a new smartphone running an alternate operating system."

The article offers advice around the following:

1. Ask tough questions when speaking to vendors

2. Make sure policies cover every possible gadget

3. Know what you’re dealing with

4. Perform regular security audits

5. Put fringe devices on their own network

Worth a read.