Watch this video to hear firsthand about the phenomenal results achieved through the use of ThreatSTOP. Discover how their solution not only lightens the IT load but also provides robust protection against risky online behavior and potential security compromises.



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ThreatSTOP safeguards against risky online behavior and potential security threats. Your IT staff will save time and money immediately! Contact ThreatSTOP today to learn more about implementing this essential solution and securing your organization's digital landscape.

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0:11 Results of Using ThreatSTOP

The results of us using ThreatSTOP have been phenomenal. 

0:11 Results of Using ThreatSTOP
When I talk to my IT staff during budget time, what are things that we might want to consider maybe not using or maybe investing more in, and ThreatSTOP is always on the list of no, we could not live without that, and yes, please do invest more into that. If we make sure we continue to use it because it lightens our load currently, we sleep better at night because we know that we're being protected, and if someone from our staff clicks on something that's perhaps not right, or perhaps that's super risky or maybe even just a straight-up compromise, it is going to protect us from that when we're going to be saved. 

So that's helped a bunch, you know. I know there are other utilities, associate utilities that have had ransomware and malware attacks because their staff was able to put on things and do things and go to places they probably shouldn't have gone. We don't have that problem, and we've not really had any of those particular problems on the second installment stuff, and that gives us a pretty good piece of life.