Live Interactive Webinar: Blocking & Tackling Cyberthreats Using DNS RPZ

January 17th, 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern

Why Attend?

It's a can't miss live, interactive webinar with ThreatSTOP's CEO Tom Byrnes and Farsight Security's CEO, Dr. Paul Vixie. (Also the co-creator of DNS RPZ)

We'll give a unique, insightful overview of DNS Firewalls using RPZ and answer these FAQs:

•    How can DNS RPZ protect organizations from current cyberthreats?
•    What's the best way to import different sources of data into RPZ?
•    What are the effects on my DNS server using RPZ?
•    What are the most common use cases for DNS RPZ?
•    What's the biggest misconception regarding DNS RPZ?
•    Why is it important to run your own recursive name server?

Tom and Paul will also take attendee questions and give you resources and recommendations to learn more afterwards. Get registered below.

Register NowAbout the Speakers

Dr. Paul Vixie: Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Farsight Security

Inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014, Dr. Vixie designed, implemented and deployed several DNS protocol extensions and applications that are used throughout the Internet today. Prior to Farsight, he served as President, Chairman, and Founder of Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), as President of  MAPS, PAIX, and MIBH, and as CTO of Abovenet/MFN. He served on the ARIN Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2013, and as Chairman in 2008 and 2009. Dr. Vixie is a founding member of ICANN Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) and ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC).

Tom Byrnes: Founder and CEO of ThreatSTOP

Tom Byrnes is a long-standing member of the global cybersecurity community, serving in the U.S. Army for 13 years and ultimately joining the seminal tactical networking group. In the private sector, Tom's work started with designing large-scale global networks, providing technical advice and leadership for a number of successful startups that all resulted in successful acquisitions. Tom holds two patents in network security using DNS, and is credited as the inventor on two additional patent applications. An active member of the IEEE, ISSA and Infragard, Byrnes speaks regularly at conferences on the topic of security.