Organizations store and maintain more consumer data than ever and the failure to protect it (or having it breached) can mean real losses. One estimate suggests Facebook may by on the hook for over a $1B USD fine for the current breach.

Main Takeaways From the Facebook Breach:

  • It is more important than ever to profile user behavior for abnormalities, specifically, to find those individuals/entities who are trying to bulk enumerate information. A good deal of traffic on the internet is scanning. Another class of malicious attack is brute-forcing access.
  • In this case, someone was able to access over 50M account. That access had to be tied to specific infrastructure. If you can identify the behavior, you can identify the malicious infrastructure and block it.

ThreatSTOP’s Value Add:

  • ThreatSTOP makes use of detailed and through threat intelligence data to preemptively identify infrastructure that criminals are using in attacks. This means they can never reach potentially vulnerable services in your environment. If the attackers can’t reach it, they can’t compromise it. 


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