In an era where digital threats loom larger by the day, small businesses find themselves at a crossroads between understanding the risks and being fully equipped to handle them. According to data from the US Chamber of Commerce, a significant 60% of small businesses express deep concerns about cybersecurity threats. This statistic underscores a crucial distinction: being worried doesn’t necessarily mean being prepared.

Worry Does Not Equal Readiness

Digging into the numbers, we find that businesses with 20 to 500 employees, particularly those in the professional services sector, are most vocal about their cybersecurity concerns, with 74% and 71% respectively acknowledging the threat. However, feeling uneasy about potential digital dangers doesn't automatically equip a business to combat them. Surprisingly, sectors you'd think might be better prepared, like manufacturing, alongside female-owned businesses and those just skating by, often report feeling less than ready to face cyber threats head-on.

A Closer Look at Overall Preparedness

The US Chamber of Commerce's findings reveal a broader perspective on readiness across a spectrum of challenges, from weather-related events to theft and cyber threats. A comforting 77% of small businesses believe they can handle inclement weather, with similar confidence levels reported for theft and cybersecurity threats. Yet, when asked about their level of preparation, many admit to feeling only “somewhat prepared” for the myriad challenges that might come their way, particularly cyber threats.

This reveals a telling gap: A mere 23% of small businesses consider themselves “very prepared” for cyber attacks, compared to 50% who feel somewhat ready. This discrepancy is even more glaring when considering other potential crises like supply chain disruptions.

Strengthening Cybersecurity Defenses

The variation in concern and preparedness across different sectors indicates a golden opportunity for small businesses, especially those in professional services, to significantly bolster their cybersecurity defenses. Here’s where ThreatSTOP steps in.

Introducing ThreatSTOP’s Advanced Protective Measures

Understanding the unique challenges small businesses face in securing their digital footprint, ThreatSTOP offers a suite of proactive cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs, easy to deploy, easy to manage. 

- DNS Defense Cloud: Leverage our cloud-based DNS protection to keep your business securely connected to the digital world, free from the shadows of online threats.
- DNS Defense: With ThreatSTOP’s intelligence integrated directly into your DNS servers, you get seamless, robust protection tailored to your infrastructure.
- IP Defense: Our comprehensive block list management across all IP-based systems ensures your network, from routers to AWS WAFs, remains fortified against intrusions.

Protected by the ThreatSTOP Security, Intelligence, and Research team, our solutions are designed to prevent cyber threats from reaching your virtual doorstep, ensuring your business remains safe and sound.

Connect with Customers, Disconnect from Risks

Embrace the confidence that comes with comprehensive cybersecurity preparedness. With ThreatSTOP, you can navigate the digital world securely, knowing your small business is protected by the best in the field.

For those looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture, we invite you to explore our product page. Learn how ThreatSTOP’s proactive protections can redefine your approach to digital security. We offer pricing options suitable for businesses of all sizes! Embark on your journey to cybersecurity excellence with a Demo today.