Forums are a useful tool for any corporation, community or association. Much like e-mail spam targets personal and corporate accounts, spambots target all types of forums for marketing or malicious activity.  

It is not enough to rely on forum CAPTCHAs, as some spambots, like XRunner, are already capable of bypassing them. Additional action can be taken by blocking known spam actors that target these platforms.





ThreatSTOP is happy to announce two new sources for forum spam, offered by:

  1. stopforumspam.com
  2. fspamlist.com

ThreatSTOP adds these sources to the target – “TS Curated - Comment Spamming Bots – IPs," containing IOCs of known spammers and spam services targeting your public platforms. Enabling this inbound target in your IP Defense policy prevents spammers from reaching your forums, immediatley decreasing the number of comments you need to monitor as an admin.

If you do not have a ThreatSTOP account and would like to learn more, Sign up for a quick demo.

If you do have a ThreatSTOP account, instructions to add targets to IP Defense policies are available on the ThreatSTOP Documentation Hub. Or, contact our Support team.