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This is an opportunistic time for cyber attackers. While people are in a frenzy to buy food and masks, to figure out how they are going to work from home or how to cope with the loss of their job, cyber attackers show no mercy in taking advantage of the situation to deploy a grandiose variety of Coronavirus-themed attacks.

To combat these prevalent attacks, our Security Research Team has curated a blocklist including thousands of malicious Covid19-related domains, integrated from our threat intelligence sources and supplemented with additional IOCs found by our team through manual analysis.


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If you're a ThreatSTOP customer, we highly recommend adding the Covid-19 domain target to your policy in order to protect yourself from these threats. You can do so by enabling the COVID19 Fake Domains – Domains target, or by enabling our Phishing bundle.


Due to the impact of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), ThreatSTOP is offering 3 months of MyDNS free, or until the stay at home orders expire. Whichever is longer. With the COVID-19 crisis comes an unprecedented transition to a work from home workforce, and a massive increase in cyber attacks. Because people need to work from home, we want to provide the cyber security protection they should have at work, for free.


Unlike other solutions that send all your data or DNS queries to their Cloud, creating privacy issues and potentially exposing critical company data to hacking and theft through man-in-the-middle attacks, our MyDNS puts a DNS Firewall enabled DNS server onto your device, keeping your traffic under your control and preventing DNS hijacking by enforcing DNSSEC.

Easy and quick to set up, no hardware, no contracts or obligations, and we're here to help.

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