The Cyber Security Start Up’s Answer to Roaming Security

CARLSBAD, CA: Feb 8, 2017:  Cyber security company ThreatSTOP announced today a Cloud-based offering that quickly detects and automatically blocks DNS attacks on laptops outside a secured company network, without using external 3rd party DNS servers or requiring a VPN connection. This new SaaS offering, Roaming Endpoint, is ThreatSTOP’s answer to a growing mobile workforce, protecting devices when they leave the corporate network, anywhere and anytime.

ThreatSTOP’s bread and butter is its DNS Firewall Service that turbocharges your security ecosystem, automatically delivering threat intelligence and policies to DNS Servers, protecting against botnets, phishing, malware, ransomware and DDoS. With DNS acting as the Internet’s GPS (through connecting browsers to websites) and serving as the core component to the web’s functionality, its protection is a major source of anxiety for security leaders. (Especially with the most recent DDoS attacks on Dyn that took down big-wig companies like Amazon, Twitter and Netflix)

With more mobile users now than ever before, there’s a massive need for that same on-network security on the road. The service is most attractive to customers with a remote workforce, looking to bring in DNS expertise that can navigate the resources it takes to manage security infrastructure across locations. There’s a lot of companies selling threat feeds and giving you intel without making it actionable. The industry spoke and ThreatSTOP listened.

Roaming Endpoint easily installs on Mac OSX and Windows laptops, leveraging a comprehensive and authoritative database of IP addresses, domains and infrastructure used by malicious actors. It doesn’t just admire the problem, it blocks threats before they can do real damage. Endpoint highlights include real-time user-defined policies and reporting tailored to match company and end user security postures. Setting themselves apart from the pack, ThreatSTOP’s implementation retains local DNS resolution without requiring the use of VPN services or remote 3rd party DNS forwarding. Users are protected against attacks wherever they go.

“Security is only as strong as your weakest link,” says Tom Byrnes, ThreatSTOP Founder & CTO. “In order to protect your assets and your people, you have to protect them wherever they go. Our Endpoint Solution gives the exact same security policy and protection to users when they’re outside the corporate network as our DNS Firewall Service does when they’re in it.”

To check out more on Roaming Endpoint, ThreatSTOP will be showing demos at Booth S2714 at RSA in San Francisco, beginning Monday, February 13. The company will also be running a promotional deal during the event -- If you buy one year of DNS Firewall Service, you’ll receive one year of IP Firewall Service for free. Find out more or sign up early here.