We’re always looking for ways to increase your security protection and improve your experience when working with our solutions. ThreatSTOP will be releasing a software update on August 9th, 2017.

The Update will include sweeping improvements to the names of the threat lists (Targets) present in your current policies. Please note, these changes do not affect your protection. ThreatSTOP will not be adding or removing anything from your existing policies in this software release, we will just be changing the names of the lists to make them more accurate, descriptive, and easier to understand. You will notice these changes in both the policy editor, and in reporting for your protected devices, but the IP addresses and/or domains present in your current policies will not change.

 Some noteworthy improvements to target names include:

  • Targets containing original research by our ThreatSTOP Security Team will be labelled “TS Originated”
  • Targets that have been aggregated from multiple sources, and curated by our Security Team will be labelled “TS Curated”
  • The classic ThreatSTOP targets “Basic” and “Advanced” have been renamed to “TS Curated – Core Threats Tier 1” and “TS Curated – Core Threats Tier 2"
  • Targets typically used for whitelisting IP addresses and domains will be labelled “Whitelist”
  • Target names will always end in “IPs” or “Domains” to indicate which type of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) they contain
  • Tiers have been implemented for some target types. “Tier 1” targets will block the worst of a given threat type. For customers looking to extend protection further with devices that support larger policy sizes, Tier 2 and some Tier 3 targets are available and will extend coverage for those threat types beyond the Tier 1 list

As always, we’re available to answer any questions you might have about the improvements we make to our solutions. If you’d like more information about these changes, please contact us at Support.

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The ThreatSTOP Team