Cyber Security Startups Combine Threat Data & Real-Time Policy Delivery Platform to Address Huge Gap in Cybersecurity.

CARLSBAD, CA: May 9, 2017:  Security-as-a-Service company ThreatSTOP announced today their partnership with cyber-sensing company, Reposify. Reposify provides security insight into the inter-connected devices on enterprise networks, all from the hacker’s point of view. ThreatSTOP provides a platform and protection layer to turn threat data, usually used for forensic purposes, into machine readable policies delivered in real-time to enforcement devices to block, redirect and report. These solutions empower enterprises and governments to protect against the full range of infected devices and gain network visibility on a global scale.

ThreatSTOP is fighting against IoT attacks and strengthening their DDoS mitigation with Reposify’s threat data feeds. Reposify’s threat data is built by a publicly available, real-time map, enabling ThreatSTOP to use that data to protect their customers.

“We are excited to partner with ThreatSTOP and protect their customers using our global network visibility capabilities,” said Yaron Tal, Founder and CEO of Reposify. “The ThreatSTOP platform is a perfect fit for the data we gather in real-time, resulting in a joint solution providing unique protection from infected devices based on real-time intelligence.”

ThreatSTOP’s customizable security policy platform takes threat data from Reposify and 50+ other threat data sources, vets and integrates the data into customized threat intelligence, then broadly applies it at the enterprise level, or even down to a specific network devices. “Incorporating real-time threat data for IOT devices into our platform is a great solution for our customers, many of whom are just now understanding the scope of the IOT problem,” said Tom Bennett, ThreatSTOP’s CEO.

ThreatSTOP’s IP and DNS Firewall Services deliver scalable security layers and actionable threat intelligence to existing devices (load balancers, DNS Servers, routers, and firewalls), all with reporting and analytics. Utilizing Reposify’s real-time threat data feeds, ThreatSTOP provides protection against new and evolving threats up to 48 hours before other major threat data providers.



ThreatSTOP is a SaaS company that protects customers by operationalizing their threat data, allowing them to move from reactive to proactive by automating the delivery of operationalized threat intelligence to all devices. For more information, visit ThreatSTOP at



Reposify, a cyber-sensing company, provides insights on networks and all inter-connected devices from the hacker’s point of view. Reposify’s solutions enable enterprises and governments to gain network visibility on a global scale, protect their networks from infected devices and vulnerable services, receive alerts whenever misconfigurations or network changes occur, and easily discover, manage and monitor assets. For more information, visit



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