At ThreatSTOP, we're excited to announce a significant enhancement to our cybersecurity services. The ThreatSTOP Security and Research Team has developed four new targets, each tailored to bolster your digital defenses and provide a safer online environment for your organization.

  1. Torrent Websites - Domains - Targeting Torrent Websites: This target is our latest designed to combat the risks associated with torrent websites. It's a strategic addition to our services, ensuring compliance and security by filtering these sites from your network.

  2. Piracy Websites - Domains - Zeroing in on Piracy: This target addresses the ever-present threat of online piracy. By blocking access to websites known for piracy and illegal downloads, we're proactively protecting your digital assets from associated cybersecurity threats.

  3. Gambling Websites - Domains - Aiming at Gambling Sites: This targets both legal and illegal gambling websites. This target is essential for organizations looking to maintain a focused and risk-free digital environment.

  4. Drug Related Websites - Domains - Intercepting Illegal Drug-Related Sites: This target is specially designed to restrict access to websites dealing with illegal drugs, enhancing the security of your digital space against these harmful elements.

Integrating These Targets into Your Environment

For ThreatSTOP customers, it's easy to bolster your defenses. Simply pick the relevant targets and include them in your policy to strengthen your security. Our support team is always ready to assist with further details or guidance.

Becoming a Part of the ThreatSTOP Community

For those interested in joining the ThreatSTOP family, or to learn more about our proactive protections for all environments, we invite you to visit our product page. Discover how our solutions can make a significant difference in your digital security landscape.  We have pricing for all sizes of customers! Get started with a Demo today!

We're committed to continuously providing top-tier cybersecurity solutions. Together, let's create a safer and more secure digital world.