We're thrilled at ThreatSTOP to constantly unveil upgrades to our cybersecurity offerings. Our Security and Research Team is continually making crucial updates to our detection capabilities and has officially deprecated certain targets.

Given that ThreatSTOP's protection is updated in real-time, it would be impractical to enumerate all the refreshed feeds in a blog post. Instead, we're going to spotlight the modifications we've made to the feed system's backend to maximize the efficiency and currency of our protection.

We've initiated a project to individually scrutinize each feed, feed processor, target, and bundle available to our ThreatSTOP clients. The objective is to minimize redundancy and guarantee an effortless out-of-box experience for all ThreatSTOP protections across all deployment formats. More on this effort in a future blog post so stay tuned.

The following targets are going to be deprecated (or have already been deprecated) in the upcoming days:

  • COVID19
  • DAPT1

It should be noted that these are the backend names, however, these were included in the following targets:

  • TS Curated - Inbound Attacks Tier 1 - IPs
  • COVID19 Fake Domains - Domains
  • Active Malware – Domains
  • Dormant Malware – Domains
  • Botnets Tier 1
  • Banking Trojans
  • Core Protection Tier 1

Further reduction of duplicity will take place over the coming weeks.  Reducing individual lists and making target selection for your policies simpler and increasing protection for your networks.

As a valued ThreatSTOP client, there's nothing you need to do! Our unified backend system seamlessly handles everything for you.

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