Tom Byrnes served 13 years in the Army. Today he is the owner and CEO of ThreatStop. The company's executive staff is comprised of military veterans and former law enforcement members. Learn more about Tom and ThreatSTOP's history in the latest Transition Drill podcast interview.

Always interested in radios and communications, Tom started with the Signal Corps. In the 1990s when the Army began digitizing operations, his knowledge and experience drew him to computer network operations. In the early 2000s, now in the reserves, he was Senior VP of Technology at Zero Gravity Internet Group, a venture capital fund that provided the initial financing to Google.

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Through the continued growth of the Internet and global connectivity, Tom decided to start his own company and founded ThreatSTOP in 2009. His business model is the use of network threat intelligence at maximum effectiveness, providing cybersecurity solutions to small companies on the same scale of Fortune 1000 companies.

Early investors in his company were also initial investors of Google. Tom holds three (3) patents in network security.

Learn more about Tom and ThreatSTOP's history in this fantastic podcast interview.


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